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Probably you have already noticed that Córdoba is a pretty big city, so there will be many occassions in which you will have to use the public transport during your Erasmus stay. The bus is the favourite mean of transport by most people in Córdoba, and it’s also the cheapest option. The price of one ticket is 1,30€ (one-way) but if you need to use the bus on a regular basis, we suggest you to buy a bonobús in order to save money. To be sure about which bus line is more convenient in every occassion is not so easy because there are 15 different bus lines. In order to make your life easier, we are including below a map with a link to all the bus lines and also the route of each of these, together with the schedules.


If you need a more detailed information you also may access to the AUCORSA website.


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