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Whether you have just arrived to Cordoba… or you are about to start your Erasmus Experience, we are sure that you are already anxious thinking about all the things that you have to organize before your arrival, and especially about which phone rate you should choose. Anyway, all your concerns about it will soon be over. In Interasmundo we have written this post in order to compare which could be the best phone rates that better adapt to your needs.

The first thing that should be clear is what characteristics are you looking for in a phone rate…although we can imagine that you want something cheap that allows you to upload pictures on Instagram, Facebook, etc., be in touch with your Erasmus friends, and give some news from time to time to your home, right? All the rates that we suggest to you are exempt from permanence, that is to say… you will not have any kind of commitment. So if you get tired of your mobile phone or your stay in Córdoba is about to end, you will only have to cancel your phone rate without any penalty fee.




This company gives you the possibility of creating a rate that will suit you to a tee and in which you will be able to choose how many minutes you want to talk or how many megas you need. Once you hire the desired minutes and megas, you will be charged 6 cents each minute, apart from a call sept-up of 18’15 cents per call and 3’63 cents for each MB that you consume.

At this company they are clear, and if you do not like having to be aware of not spending what you hired too soon, you  can choose to pay just for what you consume, being charged with the standard rate(calls: 6 cent./min + 18’15 cent. for the call set-up; Internet: 3’63 cent. per consumed mega).

Both possibilities are offered both with contract and  prepaid card. The latter might be the most comfortable for you, in which you would have to deposit money (you can do that through many ATMs and almost all the tobacconist shops or magazine shops) once you consume what is stipulated on the contract.


For all those who feel particularly homesick during their Erasmus, the Smartplan 24h or Habla mini 9 rates  will  solve the need of being constantly connected to your home at an affordable price.

With this company you will be able to talk and surf the internet with quite cheap prices, and to hire either only Internet data (to surf the Internet) or a rate only for talking (although we are sure that this will not be of great interest for  most of you… A whole year without Internet??? No, thanks). In order to get your card you would only have to access their website and click in the store option (“tienda”), and you will be able to recharge your card at any of the establishments or locals from this list.


With Lebara you can customize your rate with anything you would like to.  Thanks to their rates, you can talk and surf the internet every month adjusting to your needs. So if one month you cannot afford to pay for 5 GB to surf the internet, or you believe that you can survive with less data, you would only have to choose a different rate, quite easily, because this company works without commitment of permanence 🙂

Similarly to Happy Movil, Lebara thinks about all of you who are about to start their Erasmus in Cordoba, and are going to spend some time away from home, offering the bonus All-in-One (“Bonos Todo-en-uno”), so that you can contact your family and surf the internet.


This might be one of the favorite companies of Spanish students and teenagers, since their rates are quite good. The most hired rate among their customers is the one that offers 1GB and phone calls for 0 cent./min. paying only 6€, not bad, right? If you needed to surf the internet more, you could choose a superior rate, which costs 14€ and offers 4GB, without commitment of permanence of course, having to pay only for the call set-up. These prices have something you will love… Unlimited phone calls to both international and national mobile phone numbers! In order to enjoy them you would have to use the Tuenti app and call through it, and it is not necessary for the receptor to have this same app… this is a factor to keep in mind if at any time of your Erasmus you think about your family and want to call them in order to let them know that you are eating well and that you are still alive 😉


For 10€ per month you will get 1GB of 4G high speed, with which you will get 20 minutes of free calls to any national mobile phone (quite useful to contact your university mates in order to ask them what they have done in class or to tell your Erasmus buddy about the paty you have been invited to 😛 )  One of the things that we like the most about this company is that when you run out of Internet data, you do not get overcharged for every extra MB consumed, but  the data speed is reduced until a maximum of 64 kbps, which is not enough for surfing the internet, but might solve some urgent consultation… and what is more important, your balance will not be consumed before you even think about it. If you click this link you can see the general conditions, which might convince you more than the others 🙂

We are sure that all of these rates will be useful to you in order to communicate with your friends and at the same time, to think about your family and relatives from time to time… because we know that the Erasmus experience is only lived once… but for sure that your parents do not agree so much and would like to have news about their children as if the distance did not matter 😉


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