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To be honest there is not a useful advice regarding this topic. The logical thing would be to tell you: Don’t do it, don’t go to your Erasmus in Córdoba being in a relationship. But that is not what we are going to do, because we like challenges and we are hopeless romantics who believe that true love can conquer anything, even in “Orgasmus”

If it is already difficult keeping the love alive in a long distance relationship, it will be even harder this year, because, even though you’ve always thought that people exaggerate when they say that Erasmus is the best experience they’ve ever had, it is all true. It is an experience that will never come back, and living all those moments away from your partner will be harder than you think. With this post our intention is to tell you that you can do it and you will: you will en your Erasmus in Córdoba with the same girlfriend/boyfriend you started it with!


1. Make sure that you love her/him above all

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This year will bring you amazing things, you’ll meet people from everywhere and you’ll have the opportunity to have affairs with anyone you want, so it’s very important you make sure that the person you are with is the love of your life before going to your Erasmus in Córdoba, because you will be setting aside a very important part or this experience.


2. Have “The Talk” before coming 

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With “The Talk”, we mean being honest: are you both in the same point of the relationship? Will you do your part to avoid jealousy? Will you make evereything that’s possible to respect each other? Or if you both decide it, could you have an open relationship and come back to normal when your Erasmus ends? All this questions are very important to go on Erasmus knowing that you two are in the same point of the relationship. You should be as honest as possible to each other and tell openly the fears that cross your mind.


3. Plan the visits

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It is important that you know from the beginning in which dates you will see each other again, that way it will be easier to spend time without your love. Coming without knowing how long it will take to see you again will be much more stressful, if you plan the visits or trips it  will be easier to deal with the distance.


4. Do not give too much importance if the communication is not continuous.

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At first it will be easy, you will call each other every day, write or contact via Skype more than 3 times a week, but as time passes and you meet new people and start going to Erasmus parties and trips, you will not be that much at home so it will be difficult keeping in touch. What is important is not to lose your nerves, understand each other situation and being  happy for each other for  enjoying the moment. So when you have some time to talk, use it to tell all the things that you have been doing and not to blame each other for how little you talk.

5. Make him/her know that you remember him/her

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Even if it is just a silly detail in Facebook, or a postal send from the hundred of cities that you’ll visit. Even though  communication isn’t, as we said, as good as before, write him/her a Whatsapp when he/she cross your mind, be loving and always tell him/her that you love him/her 😉

6. Ignore negative people

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Do not mind the negative people that always tell you won’t manage to do it, that not all the couples are the same. And, above all, don’t give up when you see that all the people that arrived to their Erasmus in Córdoba in a relationship are splitting up, if you really love him/her…Resist!


Because there are many reasons to come to Córdoba for your Erasmus but also many others for love to prevail 😉

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