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You should share a flat at least once in your life, and if that time overlaps with your Erasmus in Córdoba, even better. Sharing accommodation in Córdoba will be the best thing that will happen to you during your Erasmus experience. There will be parties, travels, trips, sleepless nights, a lot of drinking, lifelong friends… But nothing compared to the moments that you will share with your flatmates!



1. Your mornings will be much funnier 

Waking up every morning and facing real life is hard, we know it. You have very special routines that you don’t want to change, you have probably always been the kind of person who wakes up in a bad mood and doesn’t smile until he has had a couple of coffees and it’s already 12 in the afternoon… But that you have always been like that doesn’t mean  that it is the best way to face a new day. Once you start sharing a flat your mornings will be much more different. You will have your toast and coffee with thwo or three more people telling you about their incoming day and probably about some anecdote of the party of the previous night, which will make that after years without laughing in the morning, you will burst out laughing for the first time.




2. You will never feel lonely… even if you want to 

From the moment you share breaksfast with your flatmates, privacy is over. But don’t worry, that’s not always bad. You will share all the moments of your Erasmus in Córdoba with them, the good, the not so good and the bad ones, and if you are experienced in sharing a flat you probably already know that improvised moments are the most valuable and the ones that you will never forget.




3. You will set a new record: Pleople sleeping in mattresses, floor and even bathtube

You will have never seen so many people sleeping in a flat than during May in Córdoba. Childhood friends, university colleagues, former Erasmus and even people that you have never seen in your life will invade your flat as soon as festivities start in Córdoba. As you know it is almost two months of continuous parties, and we don’t intend to be wet blankets, but it is very likely that most of the visitors will end up coming during the same week. Don’t get stressed, bear in mind that one week passes quickly and setting a record like this entails a bit of suffering, but you will see how at the end of the two months you wouldn’t change a single moment of the ones you experienced.




4. You will learn languages

Let’s assume that you rent a room in Córdoba in a four room flat and that one of them is double. It is more than likely that 3 of your 4 flatmates will be Italian and the other one might be Polish, Turkish, Korean… So you will probably learn rather Italian and a few swearwords in the other languages. Also, Italians tend to improve their Spanish in a short time, so if you don’t know any Spanish they will be very good allies.




5. You will end up developing interior decorator skills

There’s nothing more pleasant when you are sharing a flat during your Erasmus than finding a piece of furniture laying on the street, or a carton abandoned by any store… Everything’s fair to decorate your flat, and it will even end up looking good. A mannequin’s arm over here, an old film poster over there, a wig on top of the TV, a flamenco figurine next to the window… And ready! Your accommodation in Córdoba is now decorated in the latest style.



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