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Article written by Paulina Zawada for Interasmundo.

You never should listen what other people tell you about the cities, because every person has different perception and also expectations. Someone told me, some time ago, that Sevilla has nothing to offer. There is only cathedral and nothing more. Well, Sevilla was first city in my life which gave me goosebumbs. Putting together architecture from Granada, nature from Malaga and atmosphere of Cordoba will give you the capital of Andalusia- welcome to Sevilla!

Sevilla is the biggest city of Andalusia, 4th of the biggest cities in Spain. Located on the both sides of river- Guadalquivir. Capital of andalusian flamenco.

Sevilla is the biggest city of Andalusia, 4th of the biggest cities in Spain. Located on the both sides of river- Guadalquivir. Capital of andalusian flamenco.

The best thing in travelling is that you can’t plan it. When you wake up morning, you don’t know what will happen, what kind of people you will meet, what moments this day will bring you. Also this time, I didn’t know what to expect. We decided go for one day with Interasmundo organization, which prepared for us big bus, maps, suggested route through town and also information about the most important monuments in the city, which made everything easier, especially that one day for Sevilla is not much. The best part of travelling with Erasmus people is that in one bus you have big mix of cultures- Spain, Poland, Germany, Czech Republik, Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey, Slovakia in one bus- it can only mean fun.
First point of the trip was Plaza de España. I liked all places which I have visited, there are some very special, but only few overwhelmed me. Plaza de España is one of these places where you don’t know what to say. You are overwhelmed of the space. You are overwhelmed of the sun. You are overwhelmed of the precision with which buildings were made. You are just overwhelmed of something made by human. And what is interesting, everything was built in 1929.





Every little piece of this place was made with meticulousness and attention. Nothing is too much or too less. Precision at every step. How many times in your life have you seen bench like this? I did once. In Sevilla.


If you are love in Spain Plaza de España gives you opportunity to find all your beloved places. Madrid, Barcelona, Pamplona or …



Oh, and if you are fan of Star Wars you can follow steps of your idols! Attack of the Clones should have been recorded in Cordoba, but at the end they choose Plaza de España in Sevilla and how it was written in our map from Cordoba- we will never forget that.



And this gentleman is the reason of all this confusion. Anibal Gonzales, architect. His monument is located in front of the main building, so Anibal can look whole day with pride at his work.

And this gentleman is the reason of all this confusion. Anibal Gonzales, architect. His monument is located in front of the main building, so Anibal can look whole day with pride at his work.

I could make post just about Plaza de España for next five pages but back to the trip…
If you don’t have idea what to build in the middle of the city, why not to put there huge… mushrooms? 2004. The city of Seville held a contest to see who could build the best structure to house the Roman ruins. Jürgen Mayer H won this contest and built Las Setas.



Before we realised that we can jump on the top of the mushrooms, we enjoyed the lunch sitting under them. This huge wooden construction gives the place to play for children, romantic place for dates for couples and interesting place to visit for travelers. And what about the rest of inhabitants? The people of Seville did not want this modern structure to ruin the culture. However, I like sometimes when the past is intertwined with the modernity.

For 3 euros you can climb the mushroom (well, not really climb, there are elevators…) and enjoy incredible view from the top. Sometimes in price of the ticket it’s included gift. This time we got free drink and should have got also the postcard but shop was closed… But we were happy enough with the drink and the mushroom.


Next part of the trip was the the place for which Sevilla is known. Cathedral. It is the largest gothic cathedral and the 3rd largest church in the world. Built- as most of the churches in Andalusia- at the place of mosque and now it’s on the UNESCO list. Building it’s really huge and immpresive. As we have read in our guide, creators of the cathedral said: Let’s build something, that at what our descendants will look, they will think that we were crazy. Photos cannot capture the immensity of the building. Even if you are there you cannot capture it. It’s giant.


Also there you can climb the tower and see the town of Sevilla.


Just next to Cathedral there is Alcazar. Alcazar of Sevilla gave us funny feeling… We’ve been there already… But the true is we have been in Alhabra in Granada and also Alcazar in Cordoba. If you put these two places together you will get Alcazar in Sevilla.



This place needs time. You should slow down and enjoy this special, detailed architecture. Allow yourself to get lost in maze of bushes. Try to find as many amazing birds between the branches of palm trees as it’s possible. And then you can think, that to this place came Christopher Columbus after his trip to America, here has been taken decision about Ferdidand Magellan’s expedition…



And nowadays? If we can believe Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alc%C3%A1zar_of_Seville:
• HBO confirmed on July 2, 2014 that part of the fifth season of “Game of Thrones” will be shot in several locations in the province of Seville, including the Alcazar
• The Patio de las Doncellas was used as the set for the court of the King of Jerusalem in the 2005 movie Kingdom of Heaven.
• In 1962 the Alcázar was used as a set for Lawrence of Arabia



And the last but not least is the nature of Sevilla. While walking through the streets of the city you are surrounded by amazing smell the flowers… Flowers which are just as whole Spain. Colorful. Intensive. Beautiful. One and only.

In many guides you can read- if you can visit just one city in Spain, go to Granada. If one day, I will write my own guide about Spain, there you will find- if you can visit just one city in Spain- go to Sevilla.


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From Star Wars to huge mushrooms. Sevilla.

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